Luxfer Cylinders

DML Trading is the sole distributor for Luxfer products in Singapore. We carry Luxfer's SCUBA, CO2 F&B and Medical Oxygen cylinders.

Calcium Carbide

DML Trading is a reseller of calcium carbide for the generation of acetylene gas.  For more information click here:  Calcium Carbide Product Information


Featuring Taylor-Wharton Dewars from their LABS, 10k, 24k, CX, HC, LD, LS and XY series.


Thermo Valves

We carry the range of Thermo K, Pro and Twin-Manifold Valves as well as associated product spares for continued reliability and support.


DML Serivces


Shop on our Online Store

We have made some products ready for purchase on our store and self-collect available from our store.  Do indicate in your order should you need a delivery quote.

Product Repair and Servicing

DML provides prompt reliable servicing and maintenance services. Do call us for any enquires on the following:

A Reliable Partner in Cylinder Supplies

DML Trading's long-standing track record, since 1985, puts us in the forefront of industrial support for cylinders, valves, regulators and cryogenic dewars.